Updated October 3rd, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Runerra?

Runerra is a way to grab stuff for your friends or people in your community and  avoid missed texts, awkward Venmo requests, “you owe me”s. Make money by bringing back items for your neighbors or have your neighbors pick you up something while they’re out and about!


How does it Work?   

To Join a Run, simple tap on the run card and say what you need. Then provide some money that will cover your order. Your friend grabs your stuff, and you keep what they don’t spend! If you want to create a Run, you just broadcast where you’re going with your Run details!


What is a Runner?

We consider a Runner as someone who is going out for their stuff, but is also willing to grab their friends or neighbors stuff too! Consider yourself the plug!


What is Buyer?

A buyer is anyone hopping on a Run! Get what you need on the cheap from the people you know!


What if I live in multiple communities?

You can jump back and forth between communities as you please. While you’re at work or at home, you can use Runerra to be the local hero for your people!


What is a budget?

Consider your budget like giving your buddy cash to get your stuff, but only Runerra holds onto it to make both parties have a smooth transaction and makes sure you get the right change!


What if I don’t know what the store has to offer?

Right now, we don’t have menus integrated, but since Runerra is hyper-local, you’re friends and neighbors should shop at the same local places. On the flip side, When you’re making a Run, make sure you aren’t going somewhere too foreign.


If I post a Run, do I need to go on it?

Yes. If people have joined your Run, you need to go on it. If you forget, you’ll make your neighbors sad, but everyone will be refunded. If people haven’t joined your run, you can cancel them!


Does Runerra Take any money? How much?

To stay alive, Runerra charges only 10% of your cart value as a buyer, and if you’re going on a run, Runerra also takes 10% of the fee’s you charge (yes, you can make money doing this) along with a 50 cent booking fee! So cheap!


What kind of Runs can I go on?

You can literally go anywhere. Convenience stores, quick food, party supplies… The list is endless!


What about Taxes?

Do your best to add accurate Taxes, but at the end of the Day, Runerra is a casual, peer to peer platform. Treat the buyer like you’d treat your mother! You have nothing to gain by charging more, as a Runner, you are limited to the run fees.



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